Innovative Lessons & Programs for Guitar, Bass, and More in Fort Myers.

Welcome to LaMastro Music! Find Fort Myers lessons for guitar, bass, ukulele, and other instrument. A new approach to learning, training, mentoring, and performing. We teach beginners and intermediates with our Young Stars Program (7-14) and Adult Program (15+).

With our highly experienced instructors, you can feel confident in having the best musical guidance. In our program, you can expect a structured course that will ingrane in you the fundamental skills while you learn the songs you love and acquire new levels in your playing you haven’t yet reached.

All types of lessons provided include: guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, banjo, vocals, and pro audio recording.



Al Dougherty

As a teenager I always wanted to play guitar at a high level. I played for a couple short years before my life pulled me in another direction. For the next 40 years I still had this never-ending desire to pick it back up. Then at 57 years old I met Greg LaMastro. Greg encouraged me to fulfill my dream. He is a world class instructor and music mentor. Under Greg’s leadership, I am now able to not only play my favorite songs but more importantly I am learning how music comes together so I can play a diverse set of songs and not be afraid to explore other genres of music. Greg not only has a deep passion for music but he connects with his students in a way that makes them comfortable. Being comfortable is the ultimate way to create an environment to learn. No matter what stage of life you’re in or what your circumstances are I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Greg LaMastro to walk with you side by side as you travel on your own personal musical journey.

Corporate Business COO and Charitable Foundation President

Henry Hartlieb

Learning guitar has been a lifelong dream for me. Learning from Greg has been an excellent experience. He provides the knowledge, tools and the skills that makes it easy and fun to learn. Greg uses songs that you enjoy playing while sharpening your skills. He tailors your lesson plan to match your skill level and provides challenges that make you improve. It’s a lot of fun!

Michael Clemmons

I never realized how much of a difference it makes having an in person teacher instead of trying to figure it out myself on variousYouTube videos. Having a structured guitar program has improved my playing immensely.

Bella Parker

Greg is the first teacher that listens to my music taste. He is brilliant and is open to listening to new song selections. He coordinates fun into the lesson by playing with you (AKA a jam session). Unlike most teachers I have had, he brings out the fun and passion in music and wants you to enjoy the music as you learn. Best teacher I have had!

Tim Kary

I started as a student with Greg in November of 2019 after deciding that I wanted to play a second instrument (trumpet is my primary instrument). I wanted a teacher who could not only provide instruction on playing the guitar but also could provide the musical theory pertaining to the guitar (techniques, chord structure, etc.). Greg has been that person. His knowledge and experience is precisely what I was looking for in a music teacher. As a seasoned musician with a long history of performance and teaching he has been able to provide me with everything from the basics to more advanced techniques and theory. Greg understands that everyone progresses at their own rate and adjusts his style accordingly providing structure and direction to the lessons while encouraging me to be disciplined in my practice. I credit Greg for guiding my progress.

Don C

Greg has been teaching our 8 year old son the electric guitar for almost a year now. He has been an awesome teacher. We like that he teaches them songs they want to learn but most importantly he teaches the theory behind the music. It is not just being able to play the music but also how to read the music and play it. Greg keeps it interesting and fun for our son and we could not be more pleased with how his musical education is going. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to play and learn music theory.



Are you looking for organized and effective guitar lessons for your child? 

Need flexible scheduling to accommodate school and homework?

Want a fun and engaging environment that makes it easy to stay motivated?

We help beginners make playing guitar easy and fun!

Your child will:

  • Have fun playing guitar starting in the very first lesson 
  • Make new friends in a creative setting
  • Develop foundational playing skills
  • Be able to play their favorite songs
  • Learn a skill they can enjoy for a lifetime

Give your child the best possible start to their guitar playing!



Most players don’t know what technique mistakes they’re making and YouTube can’t receive critiques or catch your mistakes. In-person learning with a qualified instructor is the only way for you to receive the feedback you need to correct your technique mistakes and move your playing to the next level.


Left and right hand coordination can be a major frustration point for many players. One hand can be lagging behind the other – sometimes without you realizing it. With in-person learning, an experienced instructor can see where your technique is slowing you down. Learn new techniques and receive proper training, practice time, tips and tools to improve coordination


Not only will you learn what to practice, you’ll also learn how to practice to maximize your learning and get results fast. Learn how to set long term and short term goals. Use a customized practice log to build a practice routine that will keep you on pace and playing more than ever.


Every student will learn from day one how important it is to play in time. Learn tricks to counting rhythms and strumming techniques that’ll improve your timing and get you sounding great at the next jam session. With the right guidance, your skills can grow exponentially.


Training your ear to identify specific musical relationships and sounds is an essential skill for all musicians. Whether you’re brand new to the concept of ear training or an experienced musician looking to improve your chord recognition and relative pitch skills, there is always area of improvement and integration. 


Guitar improvisation isn’t just about soloing. Improvisation is spontaneous composition. It is the freedom to channel the ideas in your head and heart to your fingers in real time. There is no need to get bogged down with scale theory! We break these down into integrative, digestible chunks.

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